Yelp Reviews

Love this place! Great food, good service and owner is so personable. I've gone here for years and we go out of our way to come here to eat. Food is a always good and wait is minimal. Wait staff is there for years... And happy ~Pamela Mann
I love this place. The staff is always super friendly and attentive. Its even more pleasant and clean now that the no smoking ban has hit Pottstown. The food is always really good as long you stick with the classics (I would steer clear of the seafood, Pottstown is a long way from the ocean). Its 24 hours which is also great for a grub session after the bar. This place is great! ~Rebecca Pinkos.
Food was good. Typical diner selections done well enough. The service was good. ~R C.
This is the way a diner should be run. Great service very good prices and the food hits home! Love this place. Check it out, well worth it..~Thomas M.